French chef Paul Bocuse passed away aged 91

Bocuse was the main leader in the French nouvelle cuisine in the 70’s, his signature dishes included: la soupe aux truffes noires (Black truffle soup), le rouget barbet en écailles de pommes de terre croustillantes (Fillet of red mullet with crispy potatoes scales), la volaille de Bresse en vessie (Bresse poultry en vessie)…

Before him, chefs worked unknown in the kitchen, only the owners or the restaurants were known, he was one of the first to have worked in the light of media, the start of “mediatization” of chefs.

I always feel weird “liking” a post about someone’s death … so just adding my condolences as well.

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I feel weird seeing ‘dies aged 91’ in quotes, as if that’s not what happened.

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Was wondering about that too, I think it is because the article quoted the interior minister’s words.

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There’s no quote from the interior minister in the article. There’s a paraphrase, which doesn’t need to be in quotes (and it reads “has died,” not “dies”). I don’t know how someone could work ‘dies aged 91’ into a sentence anyway, other than ‘I am sitting next to him as he dies aged 91.’ And that would also be pretty weird.

I suspect when the news came out, the media couldn’t confirm, so they used the quotations as it was Gérald Collomb who announced it in his twitter. (It wasn’t the first time Bocuse was rumoured dead.) I just paste the link into the post, the title was automatic. Afterwards the article changed the title.

Another article with more information.
BBC: Paul Bocuse: Top French chef dies at 91

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Well, that’s a relief. Now I can rest, secure in the knowledge that ‘dies’ means what I think it does.