French chef Joël Robuchon passed away at the age of 73

I must say it is such a shock, he hid his illness and cancer from the media. With Paul Bocuse’s death early this year, big losses for French cuisine.

Personally, I watched his cook show “Bon appetite bien sûr” when he was in his mid 50s, to learn French. The concept of the show was, he invited a different chef each week to cook, he was the presenter of the show. Slowly I was hooked with the show, he always asked chefs for very clear instructions. I became obsessed with cooking because most of the recipes worked. I must admit he had taught me some of the basics of French cooking.



A few articles I read, several months before his death, he secretly sold his empire to an investment fund. I wonder the future of his restaurants, who are the chefs in charge.

Have you ever eaten in his restaurants? Personally I would have wanted to try Jamin where he obtained 3 stars, he retired at the age of 50 in the 90’s.

I find it close to shocking that his death has not yet been mentioned in the New York Times.

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There you go, 22 minutes ago in Arts (weird)…

Since he died in Geneva, maybe there is more coverage in your local press?

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The NZZ has it on its title page.

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From The Guardian:

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His mashed potato is really good, though lots of cream, lots of butter.

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Pete Wells has been writing a lot of obit lately.

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Yeah, these last two months… especially.


Yesterday the first article in NYT was just from Reuters. 2 obituaries by William Grimes and Pete Wells posted a few hours ago.

I guess the Times will have to update its famous motto: All the news that’s fit to print, when we finally get around to it.