French Baguette Given UN Heritage Cultural Status

The irony is that the baguette today is considered one of, if not the, most lowly of breads in France. I can’t think of an upscale restaurant that served a baguette with a meal, as opposed to some sort of whole grain bread. But clichés are clichés for a reason.


Still of one my favourite breads… I eat simple, white flour baguette every day… Since a few years we have a new Moroccan bakery nearby and they bake fresh baguette daily, 1 euro per piece. In the French style, maybe a bit softer. But really good.


French “cannot tell a good baguette anymore”, says bread historian. (May be behind a paywall).

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Which is a great pity. Probably they can’t keep it fresh enough, whole grain bread is tough by definition, so freshness is not that important… :wink: