French Apple Cake

Not quite the season, but was looking for photos from last year for timing on when we take the niece and nephew to pick apples up the hill and found this photo. So soon enough will be recreating since everyone liked it so much.

It’s a classic version from Dorie Greenspan via David Lebovitz, and my favorite apple cake/pie.



I made that cake too and really enjoyed it.


I am currently baking this cake due to the Oct baking thread posts on it. I weighed my apples to make sure I had the right amount and had to laugh when I folded them into the batter because they out-volumed the batter 4:1. Did you both feel that 50 min was enough baking time? Or did you go longer due to the high apple (moisture) content?

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Looks amazing!

I don’t remember. I used a cake tester and also kept an eye on the browning on the top of the cake.

I pulled it after an hour twenty, because I was really afraid of some portions getting dried out, but the inside was moist everytime I tested with a knife. Well, the proof will be when we eat it tonight. What is a cake tester?

I’ve actually never really worried about the moisture when making this one. My main concern has always been the apples being cooked through, which depending on the variety has been the only problem I’ve run into with this cake. Some apple pieces have on a couple of occasions not been as soft as I would like. I’m sure your cake will be fine even with extended baking, as this is a very moist cake, a bit reminiscent of what in Spanish we would call “budin”, which is typically what bread pudding is called (budin de pan), but is also used for similarly textured desserts/baked goods (such as budin de batata, a sweet potato cake/pudding hybrid).


The joke in restaurant kitchens is that they’re used for everything except testing cakes and that’s pretty much true in my experience. I have them for testing if things like roasted beets are done, if fish is cooked through (goes in with no resistance), checking if the interior of something is hot, popping bubbles in casing when stuffing sausage, and other non-cake related tasks. :joy:


a seemingly over abundance of fruit - apple / peach / pear - is not usual in a recipe.

#1 - as the heat increases the slices/pieces schlimmer into the batter
#2 - the fruit “shrinks” as it cooks…

normal thang . . me thinks…
the German version:

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I grew up making this with one egg. We called Swedish apple pie and the batter was more a topping than a cake.

Anyone else? just curious.