[Fremont] Kyain Kyain - Main Main Kyay Oh

Kyain Kyain has been on the to-try list for a while. Soleil Ho and the Chronicle team put Kyain Kyain on their top 100 restaurant list of the Bay Area. Definitely a good Burmese restaurant- one that I’d happily go back to.

Noodle salad with curry chicken. Delicious curry with succulent pieces of chicken mixed with noodle. Its an appetizer but its large enough as a noodle main course. The noodle did a great job mopping up all the aromatic curry.

Pork noodle soup/ kyay oh. Clear and flavorful pork-based broth with pork balls, intestines, liver, tofu, fish ball, mustard green, quail eggs and hor fun. Can’t see it from the picture (but you can see from the menu picture further down) but the bowl had a mix of thin and flat noodle, as suggested by the server. Its a pretty laid back and homey noodle soup.

Chicken curry with chana dahl bean. The highlight to me wasn’t the chicken curry, which was perfectly adequate, but its the chopped green beans and mild red chili mixed with jasmine rice. Not sure what they cooked the green beans with, but its very delicious.

Lots of food for an adult and a kid. Took lots home and happily finished the leftovers. Item prices were very economical. The meal was great value. We went on the early side at lunch time on a weekend and it wasn’t very crowded.

Who else has been? What do you like?



Thanks for the photos! It warms my heart to see the review framed up on the wall. :sob:

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It is quite a big deal for a mom and pop to be recognized by the Chronicle. Now whether San Francisco and Oakland residents will trek to Fremont because of that, that’s a separate question :smile:

I was in Fremont last weekend, so I decided to return to Kyain Kyain after a gap of many years.
We got the legendary tea leaf salad, yellow bean tofu with a superbly tangy sour chili dip, mohinga, veggie curry and rice. I also bought a package of fermented tea leaves to attempt making the salad at home in the future.

The food is as good as ever. The flavor of the soup was sublime with perfect layers of flavors that kept on delivering. The tea leaf salad was spot on with the punchiness from the tea leaves and the lentils and the shredded cabbage.

Please patronize this gem, so it lives on to deliver these vibrant flavors , especially since we can’t really travel without relatively great risks during these crazy times.