Freezing a Crumb Coated Cake

My daughter is making a tiered fondant-covered cake for a school project (Language Arts, not culinary school - she’s 13 yo). After filling and crumb coating 2 of the 3 tiers, she found out that the due date of the project had been moved back 1 week due to snow day issues. The uncoated tier is easy - we just wrap and freeze it.

What is the best way to handle the coated layers? Can they be frozen and defrosted successfully and then covered in fondant? Will they last 1 week in the fridge? And what do you recommend as the best way to wrap (and possibly defrost them?

Should be fine. Refrigerate for an hour, or freeze unwrapped for just 15 minutes or so, to get the exterior cold enough that it won’t stick to the foil or plastic wrap. Then double wrap, using foil or a baggie for the outermost layer, and freeze. Defrost first in the fridge, wrapping intact, then at room temp before unwrapping. That way, any condensation will be on the outside of the plastic, so the cake doesn’t get soggy.


Yup, what she said. Wrap in plastic and freeze then thaw still wrapped. The crumb coat will be covered or can be re-smoothed so no need to worry about slight imperfections.