Freehold Update

I had Empanada Guy twice: once from the truck, and once from the Freehold Mall when he had the food court stand. Neither time was particularly memorable.

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I tried to go to bulbap grill for something different. There were two tables in the entire joint at 7:20

I gassed up and headed to Fernandes


Thank you for turning me into this place, the Don Pepe’ combo for $20 cant be beat. Salad, whole chicken and a big bowl of a decent fried rice!! More than enough for 2 meals for 2 people! Dam good too!


I haven’t been there in a while. But I recall Bilbap grill had a pretty good burger and I really liked there KFC. It’s just not a great location,
A small bakery in Englishtown main st. opened. “ the Baklava lady”
Nice enough sit down have a coffee and some really fresh really good
Pastry joint. But again not the best location.
Also a Colombian Cafe opened in southern part of Manalapan. Haven’t been there but looking forward to trying.
And finally a heads up Anemos which I really found to be a solid restaurant in this area has changed ownership.

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Has anyone tried the new Colombian place in manalapan?

If you mean this place, @RGR did :

These types of posts make me wonder how goodParmesan is doing these days


I think it is a brand new place seen here

A Colombian lady was talking to my friend about it and that is how I found out. I believe they have only been open 2 weeks. Kudos to the fact that the site HAS A MENU! LOL. I am stunned. A website with a menu. What a novel idea.

@RGR fyi, this place might be one to try if you’re into Latin food. I will try to get there one of these years :slight_smile:

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I’m having a brain freeze. What and where was this place?

He was the dude that posted on all the Latin and Eastern European joints in Elizabeth and other nearby towns.
He was taking a sabbatical of sorts to travel, in a believe South America. Some of the spots mentioned here as of late would be right up his alley

Oh yeah. I was thinking you were referring to a restaurant. Yeah he went to travel/live abroad for a while. Maybe he will chime in soon.

Wow just got back from Cartagena, I will be at their door soon.
Thanks for the heads up.

Wow, how was it? I want to go to medellin (for the food of course :wink: )

@corvette_johnny, Perhaps @seal might be willing to take one for the team as the location is probably closer to him than to me. Besides which, I can’t say the menu particularly appeals to me.

Hopefully someone can give it a shot.

That skirt steak is calling my name :slight_smile:

Bulbap Is excellent but their business is mostly delivery & take out. I’ve never seen it busier inside than what you saw.

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Cartagena was amazing.
It has been compared to the New Orleans of South America and deservedly so.
Food features freshly prepared seafood, vegetables in simply preparations. Lots of great chicken dishes too.
I ate the best arroz con pollo ever.
Sangria brimming with amazing fruits was always available.
Rum, chocolate & coffee were amazing.
Prices were not to be believed, a full dinner for 2 in a top restaurant with lots of adult beverages less than 77.00 usd.
Deserts were not great but were ok city wide. Although fresh fruit was amazing.

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I look forward to dropping into the Manalapan Columbian restaurant soon.
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We’ve had lunch at Bulbap a few times. It was busy each time with many tables occupied. So it would appear it’s more of an eat-in place for lunch rather than for dinner.

It never bothers us in the least if a restaurant is not busy. In fact, at the last two places in NJ where we had lunch, Bayroot Lebanese and The Greek Spot (both for the first time), we were the only diners. So I’m guessing that unlike Bulbap, these two restaurants are busier at dinner than at lunch.

supposedly Columbia is a new hotspot for retirees too. With Chile having unrest I could see it booming even more. I’m sure there’s some great spots down there and some great bargains. Wonder if there’s any good crabbing down there on the coasts? I know Anthony Bordain did an episode down there for some reference.

Watching Narcos on Netflix I was really struck by how beautiful it is there too.

Not sure how much cost of housing is but eating out was ridiculously inexpensive.