Freehold (NJ) Fresh Market closed ?

Is the Freehold (NJ) Fresh Market on Business Rt33 in the old Freehold Foodtown building still open for business ? Here’s why I ask … after dinner at Frankie Fed’s earlier this evening, we needed a couple of grocery staple items and the Fresh Market was closer than the alternatives. When we arrived there about 6:45 PM or so, I parked the car on the side by the liquor store and Tre … the lot was pretty full over there so I didn’t think anything was amiss. However, when I got to the store’s entrance, it was locked and the interior looked dark with no one around. The sign on the door indicated the hours were until 9 PM or so and there was no other note, etc. I Googled to see if anything was in the news, on the store’s Facebook, or wherever but nothing found. Weird.

Been closed and the building and lot for sale for at least a few weeks.

Thanks seal, I drive by there fairly often and honestly had never noticed.