Free online cooking classes through 10/12/18

This is a free introductory offer through Blueprint. Blueprint seems to be a subscription related to Craftsy. For those unfamiliar, Craftsy offers online classes (crafts & cooking mainly) that you purchase and have lifetime access to. You can ask questions of the instructor and the quality is quite good. I’ve taken several cooking classes, one by Andrea Nguyen for instance.

Your Craftsy sign-in info works with Blueprint. If you have not taken a class through Craftsy you can signup with Blueprint without giving credit card info and it seems you can view the classes for the week.

Blueprint seems to cover food, crafts and movement (yoga, exercise). A quick look at the cooking classes shows a bit of content that Craftsy does not offer. Nice to be able to check it out for free!

Happy watching!

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I’ve been watching a bit on Blueprint since I started the thread. The free access doesn’t cover class downloads or material lists. But pausing and rewind has allowed me to get specific details and feel I’m getting a good bit of useful content.

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