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I have my doubts that mine provides free ice or sharpening… just sayin’. If YOUR store provides free services beyond the usual (e.g., trimming meat is SOP, IME), please include its name so other readers will know what’s available.

I get ball point pens and shopping list tablets . And gift wrapping for wine .

That’s impressive. I’ve added to my OP a suggestion to name the chain/market.

Shoppers Corner , Santa Cruz , CA .


I get newspaper…

Oh my understanding is that some old style supermarket, the butcher would provide free sharpening… but be ware… usually they are kind of really rough sharpening which may not be what you want on your knives.

Shopper’s Corner! I used to shop there when I lived in Santa Cruz in the late 70’s! so glad that at least part of the Santa Cruz I remember fondly is still going strong.


Link won’t open

The ShopRite in Wilmington, DE provides free knife sharpening in the meat department while you do your shopping. Wegmans and The Fresh Market have given me bags of ice to keep fish cold. That’s not something they advertise, but it’s usually available for the asking.

Try this:

My local Acme Supermarket offers FREE chicken every day of the week. It’s a bogo…buy one for $6.99lbs and get one FREE!!! Seriously why do they do this? Why can’t they just charge $3.50lbs (still to much in my opinion) and let me buy the one pack of chicken I came to the store for. All the banners, adverts etc. for BOGO and it’s all BS, I hate that.

Other than that my supermarkets give you squat. That includes Acme, Foodtown, Shop Rite. Acme even discontinued their shopper loyalty cards, I really hate Acme markets, my absolute least favorite but the closet two supermarkets to me are both Acmes.

Thanks, greygarious.

Our local Heinen’s stores will trim meat and skin fish if requested (but maybe they all do that). They also have a rapid wine chiller, have given me ice for fish when I needed to run a few more errands, load groceries into the car, free WiFi and provide many samples–especially on Saturdays. They do Saturday wine and cheese pairings too though state law says they have to charge 25 cents per (very generous) taste of wine. They also cut fish to order. Best of all their prices are better than the Pittsburgh based chain that is our other main option.

Most manhattan supermarkets offer free delivery within the neighborhood if you spend a certain amount (usually $100, less than that it’s a fee). But you’re certainly expected to tip the delivery guy.

Today I made an unplanned grocery stop, so I did not have a frozen gel-pack in my insulated tote, and it was a hot day. I decided to get fish and scallops, after making sure that the fish counter could give me a baggie of ice. But what I got, to my pleasant surprise, was a frozen gel-pack in with each item. Three cheers for Market Basket!

The woman checking out behind me was requesting that cold items be bagged separately; she was using regular plastic bags and I got the impression she was concerned about spoilage so I did my good deed for the day by giving her one of the gel-packs.

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