Frank's Grill Mangum

In between Harvey feeder bands on Saturday we hit Frank’s, a favorite. The inside can be described as scruffy but we like to sit by the grill and watch the frantic action.

The food, one word, GRITS!

Outstanding, ham, biscuits, ginormous pancake and hash browns.

Forget the pork chops.

It’s BYOB, for the grits, biscuits and pancake, bring your own butter instead of the mystery spread they serve.


] in your post title


Great review.

Bring Your Own Butter - I love it :laughing:.

I’ve only been to the original, on Telephone.

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where is this?

It’s on Mangum in between Hempstead and 290 close to what’s left of Northwest Mall.

Lambsy, there’s also a branch on Westheimer a block or so west of Phoenicia Market but I can’t recommend it.

Breakfast is OK but lunch was awful. Closed for dinner. I have to assume the Mangum location is infinitely better.

We went back for a grits fix, BOOB, brought out our own butter. They were great, as usual. A chicken fried steak was ordered, we both agreed it was just ok and won’t be ordered again.

It was lunch and a lot of people were ordering burgers, fresh half pounders grilled on the flat top, next time.

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