Frankie Feds ([Freehold twp, NJ] changes??

Anyone heard anything about ownership/management/etc. changes at Frankie Fed’s out on business NJ33? Several of us go there rather frequently, and hadn’t noticed anything different within the past several weeks (excellent & enjoyable as usual) but one of the group thought he had heard of someone new being involved with the operation ---- so I was wondering. Thanks!

Have never been, nor heard anything. Tried going in 2020 during the lock down, but someone in our group didn’t think it looked too inviting from the outside. Barely any cars in the parking lot, so we opted for a diner on Route 9.

That’s a shame…you missed out on FANTASTIC pizza!


I haven’t heard any such rumors. I also haven’t been there in a month or two, but everything has been as usual when I was last there.

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The restaurant changed hands within the Federici family to the prior owner’s nephew. I believe this occurred at least 6 months ago. The nephew’s been a bit more active with promoting the restaurant on social media and bringing in some live music, but I don’t think the menu underwent any change.

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