Frankfurt recommendations?

I’m going to be in Frankfurt during the book fair in a couple weeks. Anybody have any recommendations? On That Other Site all I could search for was “Frankfurter” plus “Germany,” which does not help me.

I know Frankfurt is not considered the most interesting city for food, and I’ll be doing other things besides eat (unusual for me when traveling), but I’m open to suggestions! Cheap, fancy, traditional German, Turkish, beer, or whatever. Thanks!

wow. well, it’s a big city. and there’s more than a few good places but regrets I’ve not been there - except for the airport… - in many years.

here’s a couple general guidelines:

  • go at least 8-10 blocks from any tourist attraction
  • follow a local . . .
  • look for a place that post outside: no credit cards
  • if you recognize the name, don’t

historically German (and many other European areas) eateries are family run. they are not a chain, they do not get their stuff frozen, pre-portioned off the back of a Sysco truck.

now, that has to be tempered by the “big city syndrome” - little guys in the Dorf have a much better procurement situation than Big Avenue city joints.

in the end result, it’s actually a bit tricky to find a locally / family owned restaurant that - at the “normal” level - does not exceed by leaps and bounds any USA type chain joint.

the reason is simple: by and large the generalization that European ‘eat out more’; is actually true. and locally owned operated joints depend on repeat traffic - not every place can be a rotten/food/service tourist trap - and joints offering up quality like Olive Garden / Red Lobster / Denny’s / etc just don’t survive.

fancy try: Weinsinn, Heimat, Gustav which are not extraordinary pricey but very great.
Down to earth do not go for beer but cider. great places are atschel, germania, eichkatzerl. very down to earth fare.
sorry, very short infos but those are great!

Good advice—thanks.

Thank you so much, philie. I’m checking all of these out. And yes, I plan to enjoy plenty of cider and apfelwein.

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