France forum?

Sorry for being such a techno-idiot, but I don’t seem to b able to access the France forum. It used to be rather intuitive. Many thanks.

there isn’t a standalone France board yet – so France discussions are here:

under the Rest of the World.

If and as there’s more traffic for France, a new board will be created.

Are you interested in coalescing a group? :slight_smile:

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I think France merit to have a board, if not at least an Europe board. It’s a bit strange to with african and south american food.

For info, a new post on restaurant in Bordeaux. More posts to come!

Can there be a Europe board?

Yeah. Let’s group into Europe for now. Although that’s in reality a France and Italy board really since I don’t think there is much interest for other parts of the continent for now. France, Italy should probably have their own boards given the level of interest in general about the food from these two countries…Let’s see if more people are interested in posting about them.

Cool! Thanks!

Please! Many thanks. :grinning:

Alternatively, are there anybody we should invite here?