[France] Food, the new fantasy for the idiots.

A discussion between food journalist Emmanuel Rubin, chef Thierry Breton, food blogger Margaux Grossman on the foreseeable food bubble crash soon happen in Paris.

It is clear that today the “food business” is about to blow a hose! We have never seen so many cellars and shops opened by HEC* graduates, any meal for two with wine in a bistro so-called “popular” cost more than a hundred euros and the 10th arrondissement of Paris is become such a gourmet ghetto that risk mono-activity. When the famous Rue des Martyrs (Paris 9th) becomes the Disneyland of pastry! It borders on the grotesque. But basically, if we recall how the kitchen was cheesy and pompous 25 years ago, all this may not be so serious. - Emmanuel Rubin

  • Elite business school in the south of Paris region

Translated from the French article on Grand Seigneur. Here is the full article:

I don’t know if it’s only a French phenomenon or the world is heading the same way.
Chef replaces rock stars or artists, new food publications explode, long queues in new restaurants… something seems not quite right…

What do you think?

it wasn’t that long ago that the world was decrying the lack of small bistros and how nobody cooked, and they were all idiots because they were settling for mass-produced factory food.

So now small bistros are exploding everywhere, and everyone is interested in cooking, and now they’re all idiots for learning to cook and explore new foods.

It’s more penny-ante bitching from people who have nothing better to do.

The French press are only happy when they are wringing their hands and wailing about the end of anything regarding food.


I can’t speak to French press specifically, but the rest of your post certainly describes the typical state of most “lifestyle” coverage in the “popular press” in general…

I don’t think putting anyone on a pedestal is a good thing. But better to put the creative types like chefs on the pedestal versus e…g. CEOs.

But there are very few truly innovative chefs. The rest are just copying from each other and tweaking.