Four Seasons (Thai), Piscataway

I was with some serious eaters yesterday up in NNJ and one of them asked if I had heard of a place in Piscataway that has (he claims) the best Thai food he’s had anywhere. Evidently it’s a grocery store with a small “restaurant” in the back, and the spice level is off the chart. This is coming from a guy who eats ANYTHING super spicy and loves it, so I’m trusting him when he says to order mild the first time (and probably EVERY time) there. Also, it’s cash only.

Just to confuse us ever more, their main website ( ) lists their other restaurants–another one AT THE SAME ADDRESS ON Stelton Road (Cafe Bua, which is suspect is the official name of the place my friend told me about), and one in Highland Park (Pad Thai).

@joonjoon ever hear of them? The few reviews I found online talk about terrible service but I’ve learned not to trust any site where there aren’t people only talking about food when it comes to this stuff…

I eat at their sister restaurant, Pad Thai, in Highland Park all the time. I agree that it ranks up there with Lotus of Siam and Pok Pok as some of the best Thai I’ve ever had. In fact, tomorrow I plan to get an order of their Chinese sausage fried rice.

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I used to work right down the street from this place. I was 19 and this was before I knew anything about food and had never eaten Thai food before.

In the year and a half I worked there, I got food from them once. I made the mistake of asking for it spicy, and I just couldn’t eat the whole thing. It scared me off and I never went back! :joy:

But everyone I’ve ever talked to has always raved about this place. :slight_smile:

We are sort of regulars at the Four Seasons. The flavors are pretty authentic for the most part. The quality of some of their proteins could be improved, but that doesn’t stop us from loving this place. There is zero atmosphere but the staff is really nice and provide great service. It’s actually the sort of place you would find in Bangkok (minus the tables and chairs out on the sidewalk among the car fumes). The spice level is high - “medium spicy” here is too much for many people, but it’s just right for me.

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