Fountain View Fish Market Houston

I needed an oyster fix so it was off for a dozen fried, nice sized ones for 11.95 , just a great price and taste. Just like BBQ Inn you can add extra pieces so I got two extra shrimp and a catfish. The shrimp were small so they gave me three, I should have gotten extra oysters instead. The meal comes with 2 sides and a drink.

The owner gave me a nice thumbs up when he saw me and asked about no Wifeacta in tow as she is bonding with family in the Valley.

They sell fresh shrimp and fish filets but the prices for shucked oysters are insane after all the freshwater runoff from Tropical Storm Harvey. This makes a trip to Seabrook cost effective with the added benefit that the Wifeacita and I like to see some Galveston Bay and inhale some salt air.

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I haven’t seen this place before! Looks great and certainly great prices. I love that the footnote on the menu says “all plates are served with CATFISH.” Hehehe

It’s on the west side of Fountain View just south of Westheimer in a strip center, of course. The sign simply says Fish Market.

Thanks for providing a link I forgot to. Wifeacita not answering her phone. She’s probably in Mexico breaking in her new passport. I think she crossed back three times without one seriously pissing off US Customs Agents with stern lectures and warnings.

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Excellent. I ordered a dozen, got probably more than 2 dz (lost count in the feeding frenzy), presumably because they were so small.

I’m wondering if I’ve ever ordered the oysters there; maybe only fish or shrimp previously.

They do a better job than either J&J or Lotus, JC.


Nice. I believe you got extra oysters because somehow they sensed you are known to me even though we have never met.

That’s the power of JC!


Popcorn Oysters!



I thought maybe it was because of my looks but your explanation is probably better.

I’ve come to the conclusion I’d never ordered fried oysters there because I decided long ago most places around here overcook fried oysters so I avoided them. Thanks for the recommendation.

Ever tried the seafood gumbo? I saw the sign, $18.95/qt ? Just wondered if it’s worth it.

:grin:I could eat 'em like that.

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