Forum software upgraded- known problems

A software update was done today because our used-to-be-free email provider wanted to charge us a substantial amount per month for the forum software to send emails. So we switched email providers.

With updates come broken functionality. Here are a list of things that are known to not work correctly. Its being worked on. If there are other things you notice is not working right, please let us know.

  • email notification- the emails are not being sent
  • signup email for new users- really need to get this fixed asap
  • restaurant discussion map- its not showing anything.

The site looks fine on my computer but on my iPhone it only gives me a clean white screen. No text, images or even an error message.

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I feel since yesterday the site is very slow to load on the desktop, any relations?

Does reloading help? How about clearing your browser cache? Anybody else have this issue?

Yesterday? The update was somebody about 8 hours ago. So may be unrelated.

Fine on my iPhone running 12.4.1

Still nothing. All other websites fine.

Recently I had a look on my old phone and discovered HO was a blank page, i guess Discourse stopped supporting older browsers. Maybe the same problem?

What version of iOS and browser are you using?

the two email problems are fixed.

The map is also fixed. Though the size of the map in a category topic list is rather small for some reason. We’ll look at that next week.


any luck?

Nope. I’m using Safari but might try another browser.

Have you done a hard shutdown?