Forum software updated tonight

Forum software was updated tonight to the latest version. The hamburger menu at the top right corner is replaced by the hamburger sidebar on the left, which the software has adopted as the way forward. You can customize the categories/ tags shown in the sidebar to only the categories/ tags that you care.

@Saregama @Mr_Happy hopefully the prior issue of topic jumping around during replies are addressed in the update. If not, there may just be a bug in the software code that we have limited control over.


This is not an improvement. The sidebar takes up too much room. I prefer a pull-down menu.


For me… if I click on the “bacon” looking icon the side bar goes away.

Try that.



Agreed. The home page looks very cluttered now. Please return the pull-down menu!


That’s not a solution, since it adds extra clicks. There’s no way to choose “unread” or “new” without going through “topics” or scrolling to the bottom of the page.


You are correct…

I click on topics, then click on categories, then click the that “bacon” icon and I get my “traditional” menu screen that I’m used to.

At that point, I can click on the “new” or “unread” topics, I wish to read.

But yes, you are correct that it requires a few more clicks. Perhaps there is another work-around, but I haven’t found it… yet.

Yes, the left nav column is too big. I prefered it along the top.


Thanks! The sidebar was annoying.

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Nothing shows under the bacon anymore on my phone (still showing along the top for me)…just the pop-up sidebar when you click the bacon. Which is fine, although bulky.

But I am now required to click on NEW to see if there ARE any new posts I’d want to read. Before, under the bacon, it would LMK how many new messages there were. If there were none, it wouldn’t have a number. The new method requires you to click NEW to see if there’s anything new to read, because nothing is noted next to the word NEW.

Here’s what I initially see when I get to my initial page:

And after I click the bacon:

Is this what everyone now sees? Note: I rarely go to the Home page. I think I start out at my own page.

In Chrome browser, this is the homepage I see-all the options across the top. On my phone, its still all on the upper right and when I prompt the bacon icon, a left side menu slides out. But seldom use it on my phone, old eyes.

Were the users’ stats always available somewhere, or is this a new thing?


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Who knew?

You did. I thought it was just an end of the year statistic :woman_shrugging:t3:

If something looks spammy to me, I often check the user’s posting history.


I don’t mean singular user’s profile / stats.

I mean this:

So do I. It was always there. In case you wanted to see where you ranked in “likes” or something.

:joy: Not really.


I really do not like the sidebar. First thing I do is pinch expand the page to push it out of view. It’s an annoyance to have to do that, but it’s better than leaving it as it is.

Did you try clicking on the bacon-strip icon, as discussed above?

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Jeebus, I’ve “liked” TPSTOP(osts), haven’t I? :rofl:

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