Forum Rules and Guidelines

Oh, you mean the whole board?

Got it.


Going to assume you’re joking here.

Aide from humor, as it’s been noted before, most people don’t come here for snark, or sarcasm.

If that’s what someone is drawn to, I’m sure there are other places on the Internet to find it.

It’s also not in line with forum rules, because it has a way of turning things negative and sucking the pleasure out of the site for everyone else.


I like it when people are authentic. I think the real a-holes get weeded out. IMO it’s a very civilized site.


+1. I think this is a very civilized `site. overall. I’m not sure what op/@ChristinaM means about snark, but do agree there are a couple of posters who tend to “go at” each other fairly regularly.

So that may be what she’s referring to.


I am coming for you, Caveman. Beware!

More seriously, I wholly agree with you. We are a fairly civil lot. A few of us have hot button issues. A few of us have pretty rigid views. Most of us are just here to share, learn, have fun, and get to know virtual friends a bit. All of that sounds good to me. I think this site has a sweet spot between folks who feed the household well each day to those who are on the edge of being able to step into high end restaurant work, lacking only the ability to replicate perfection under relentless pressure and very close and hot kitchens. Talking to members outside those parameters is harder than talking to the middle band.


I stay away from the cookware and knife discussions for that very reason :face_with_peeking_eye:


The original source: Supposedly embroidered in a pillow in Alice Roosevelt Longworth’s sitting room.


Who knew kitchen implements would be the trgger that sets off the fireworks?

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I could’ve sworn it was Dorothy Parker!

I thought so, too., but I suspect she would have come up with something wittier.

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It’s the internet. Anything and everything can and will set off “the fireworks.” For good or for bad.