Fortina Stamford Outdoor Dining Reopening Tonight

Just got email from Fortina that their outdoor dining is reopening tonight. You can reserve a rooftop table for $35 per person with a $15 per person minimum. I assume you get the $35 applied towards your food and any remainder refunded when you eat there, and it’s just to prevent people from being no-shows. They also have tables available on a first come basis. I’ve also attached the images in the email they sent since there is much more detail than is showing on their website.

From their website:

As of 5/20, Stamford is open for al fresco dining!
FRONT PATIO: First come, first served. Please maintain social distancing while waiting for your table.
ROOFTOP DECK: 8PM seating on 5/20. 5:30PM and 8:00PM seating thereafter. Tables available for parties up to four. $35 per person to reserve your table & $15 per person food/beverage minimum (+ tax & gratuity).

*YOU MUST HAVE A MASK ON AT ALL TIMES UNLESS YOU ARE EATING/DRINKING. Fortina Stamford is complying with all Connecticut state sector rules for restaurants on their limited opening.

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It looks like i can’t edit this post anymore (which sucks), so I need to add here that per their Instagram page, the $35 per person reservation fee is IN ADDITION to food. So it does not get applied to the food order or refunded if you do not spend it.

$35.00 for the privilege of eating on a rooftop in Stamford. While I Iike Fortina, I always have the feeling that their business model is akin to Starbucks - take a (relatively) affordable food group and make it a (must have ) high priced version. Off- subject, but before the roads are completely back to normal, I made a run to New Haven yesterday - An Italian bomb (everything pie) from Modern and a plain cheese from Sally’s. Even with reheating, well worth the trip.

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There has been a heated discussion about this on Instagram, with a number of very negative comments (several directed towards Christian, who seems to be a target since being on Food Network). I will admit I’ve gone back and forth on this. On the one hand, there is no way I’d ever pay this myself. But if he can get people to pay it, good for him, especially if it helps his business and employees.

I forgot to check tonight’s (Saturday) reservations (too late now), but based on what I see in their system for the upcoming week, he’s not selling out. So maybe people aren’t interested. He may need to lower the price, certainly for weekdays and maybe as it gets closer to the day. It wil be interesting to see how it plays out.

Haven’t really followed the “celebrity” politics of being on food network, but I can see how it might be perceived. I used to like tfn , but it became more of a game show and a p.r. push to create celebrities rather than all about the food. More about the sizzle, than the steak.

Thanks MisterBill and so nice to see you back!! We have been doing curbside pickup from the one in Armonk and they do a great job. They actually have someone looking out for cars pulling up! But if the $35 isn’t applied to your food, I would not do this. Plenty of places are reopening in CT right now (whew) that are not charging a fee to reserve.

That’s good that they are handling pick up so well. We got take-out from a new place in Peekskill called Whiskey River (they opened a few days before the shutdown!) Really good food, reasonably priced, large portions. We’ll definitely go back.

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So I finally remembered to check their website today to see how their bookings are doing. It appears that they have changed the times and now have 3 seatings on Fridays and Saturdays at 4, 6:30 and 9. Tonight’s 6:30 slot is booked but the others are available. Other days are 4:30 and 7 and none are full.

Friends who live in Stamford ate there outdoors but not on the rooftop. No charge!