Former Top Chef contestant arrested for poisoning his neighbor's 60 year old tree

Because the sixty year old tree was BLOCKING HIS SOLAR PANELS. Way to love the Earth, douchenozzle. I didn’t care for him on his season and he has lived down to my expectations.

BTW he should send a giant gift basket to Anthony Bourdain’s family since Bourdain’s suicide has pushed this story onto the back burner of the celebrity chef news.


Why would someone put solar panels there in the first place? Its not like the tree and its shade is new.

Now if he really killed the tree, he should be made to take down his panels too.


Sheesh, what a jerk.

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Wow. This guy sounds like a real winner. Who does something like that!?!

What a self entitled piece of work. Taking multiple invasive steps…wow.

Unbelievable! I honestly don’t even remember this guy.


If the tree dies, he should be obliged to pay for another tree same size and same age to compensate his neighbour.

Looks like it was not the first time this guy upset a neighbourhood:


I’m wondering if he took down his website - it now says: We’re under construction. Please check back for an update soon.

And the business is under monitoring by Yelp. A particular pointed review:

“Drill this into your consciousness: Bar Salumi is not one of the Snoots favorite spots to eat. The food has a certain tainted flavor throughout. We ordered apps and entrees featuring farm fresh ingredients that somehow were slightly under cooked as if the solar panels driving the ovens were blocked somehow. There are holes in the menu and the prices are literally criminal.”



That’s a funny review. Interestingly there are a dozen others that just straight up say the guy’s an asshole who poisons trees and don’t even bother to pretend reviewing the place - they’re all dated a week or so ago and are still up.

Interesting. This reminds me of a local incident:

A guy a town over from me put up a windmill in his backyard. The neighbors complained and after many months and court, the judge finally made him take it down. He then proceeds to paint his house neon pink (as close as you can get to the most obnoxious color you can find)

I will try to find a pic on my phone. It’s a very affluent neighborhood and now these people got dealt with. I’ve learned not to mess with people. You really never know what they are capable of. There are some nutty people out there.