Formaggio @ 385 Huron?

Any reports from the new location? I really want to check it out, but I don’t have wheels these days and that makes it a trek. I’ve seen some photos that make it look nice and expansive (i also know it’s always expensive!). I think I’ll miss the old location some because it’s what I associate with this place, but I won’t miss having nowhere to stand when you’re buying mimolette and rabbit pate and some poor sap just wants to get to the shelves behind you.



Want. I’m reading in Eater Boston that Formaggio’s new location, in the former Fresh Pond Market, has twice the space.

I’m waiting to pay a visit until I’m no longer limiting myself to just the most essential visits inside stores. Something to look forward to.

FWIW, I have ordered from Formaggio online a couple of times to source a few things like fancier olive oil we like for salad, special dried pastas, and some Rancho Gordo beans. It’s been nice to have a few special items now and then to brighten up my cooking routine.


I’ve also had good luck ordering from Formaggio Cambridge and South End online for delivery through Mercato for some special items. I’m looking forward to visiting the new location. We finally got our first vaccinations a week ago. I did go indoors at the old location once and they had strict limits on occupancy and lots of precautions and it felt fairly safe then. The extra space will make it easier to really peruse the shelves and find more specialty items to buy (it’s at most a twice a year indulgence for me.)


Yay for you on getting your first vaccine jab!

The future vaccinated me looks forward to a foray to the new Formaggio location. I consider specialty food shopping to be a treat, too. Miss it.

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I visited the new space and agree with this. It’s much bigger than the old Formaggio location (yet seems oddly smaller than Fresh Pond Market). They have a much bigger selection of the same type of things the old Formaggio had, plus an in house butcher shop. It will be nice not to have to crowd into the little alleyway near the cheese counter a few days before Christmas.

I’ve got mixed emotions about it overall. Many in the neighborhood feel that the Formaggio owners pulled a bait and switch when they purchased Fresh Pond Market and promised to keep it as a neighborhood market. Nothing I saw in the new space could remotely be considered to have achieved that in terms of variety or price.


I was really worried about that and sorry to see those fears confirmed, even as I welcome an expanded FK.