Forked River Area Very Stale 2018 Trip Report.

First place tried–Sis wanted to go to “Mud City”…3 hour wait??? (who does that?) A big NOPE.
Second place tried-- we’d passed by The Pour House which you guys gushed about so it got my vote-- One Hour Wait-- nope.
3rd try: Sweet Jenny’s on the advice of Sis’s friend-- 15 min wait. Ok fine, they’re slammed but handling it well. Waitress’s first day on the job & she gets the table with a problem, she did great & was tipped well. Sis’s dish was fine-- some sort of scallops & pasta. My brother & I both ordered a fish & chips special that came with a coconut shrimp app. Not impressed by the perfect triangular sysco fillets but even worse the fish was bad. Took 2 bites & Sent it back. He got a burger & I went with nothing more. They did remove the fish from the bill but didn’t comp the burger.

Second Dinner was acceptable

A Japanese Hibiachi place, sorry don’t remember its name, It’s on end of a U shaped strip mall. Sis & Bro had steak/chix combo. I had just chicken. they were good, fried rice was good but the stir-fried veggies were so over salted/soy sauce. Most notable thing about the place was it’s BYOB. There was a popular ice cream shop nearby that we went to for dessert.

First Breakfast. Really Good!

College Inn? unsure, it’d just gone thru a name/owner change & you guys had been raving about it. Anyway, basic great pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, coffe, efficient service.

Second Breakfast-- Just sad.

We left at 4:30am, got to Fort Lee, saw the sign for Friendlies. Shoulda just kept on going. They were just opening up, staff of 2 or 3. only one other customer. Overcooked eggs, & a pet peeve of mine, deep fried potato cubes as “home fries”…no, just no. I suspect the bus boy was suddenly made the “cook”.

Here endeth the report.

Heh, we would visit her again Labor Day 2019, eat at the Japanese Place again
(Nothing’s open or slammed LD Weekend.)

– & had a great breakfast at the Forked River Diner on the way back to Maine.

COVID stopped us in 2020 & again last year.