For those in Paris this Weekend (or Anytime): Top Sources for Ice Cream

Add others that you like below.


The list is great! Thanks…I know some, not others. Nothing to add, sorry!

Nothing to add either, all the good ones are there.

Lover, love, love the Lebanese-style ice cream at Bachir.

I’d add Le Bac à Glaces near métro Sèvres-Babylone in the 7th, Il Gelato del Marchese in the Odéon quartier in the 6th, Fabien Foenix in the tourist-less upper 17th near Porte Champerret, and Folderol in the Oberkampf quartier in the 11th.

Many artisanal pâtisseries also do excellent ice cream/ sorbets: Pierre Hermé (but not available in all shops), Sébastien Dégardin on rue St Jacques in the 5th, Hugo & Victor on rue Chomel off bd Raspail in the 7th, Sébastien Gaudard on rue Martyrs in the 9th and rue Pyramides in the 1st, and Maison Aleph (Lebanese-style ice cream) in the Marais/ lower 4th are some that I happen to know and like. Note: some artisanal pâtisseries are closed for much of August.

And Christian Constant, rue des Ecoles. Best fruit sorbets I’ve ever had in Paris.