For those familiar with Monmouth County NJ, David Burkes Fromagerie is Kaput

I never liked David Burke or his reign at the Fromagerie. It was a little known secret that he was unceremoniously removed from his involvement with the location sometime about a year ago. RUMOR, has it his drinking and behavior was not conducive for a quasi celebrity owner/operator.

I hope the Peter’s family held some paper, moves back in, and brings us back the original Fromagerie…{{sigh}} a boy can dream!!

I’ve heard the restaurant is up for sale, so I’m thinking the Peters family won’t be returning. I’m hoping for a great innovative restaurant with good food, good management, and an investment in the community. And if anyone knows where the sommelier went, that information, because he was great.

No the Peter family will not be returning that was but a dream. From what I’ve heard there is a buyer lined up, however I know nothing about them.