For the Win ... simple simplicity

Remember the old Papilles location in Hollywood?

Well, it was (sadly) a casualty of the pandemic.

But, fortunately in its place is a (relatively) new burger shop, For the Win. It has a menu reminiscent of an In N Out (with the exception of a fried chicken sandwich), where everything is sort of a la carte (with pricing to match). Yes, that means they even charge you for lettuce and tomato … I guess we should be happy that we get both lettuce and tomato for one surcharge.

Minor nits aside, this is one fantastic no-nonsense burger. I suggest forgoing the extras, and just getting a double (no cheese, cuz I hate the yellow stuff), which will set you back a measly $10, which for the quality of the ingredients (grass fed beef, Martin’s potato bun) and the gratis accompaniments of grilled onions, pickles and sauce, is quite the bargain.

What’s the burger like? It’s a “smash” burger. Meaning you get a nice charred crust with bits of crunchy beef drips just sort of falling off the patty. You’re not going to be able to order anything “medium” or “rare” – other than just cooked. But trust me, while the patty may be crusty, it is still juicy AF (as the kids like to say). No cardboard patties here. And the grilled onions and house fry sauce are the perfect complement to the potato bun.

I will leave it up to our favorite intrepid fried chicken sandwich connoisseur @Chowseeker1999 to try out the fried chicken sandwich, but the burger here is quite the gem.

For the Win
6221 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 871-2026

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Hi @ipsedixit ,

Thanks for the early intel and great report! :slight_smile: This sounds like a winner (no pun intended). :wink:

Do you know of OG Papilles Owner Santos Uy is running this place, or is it a completely different group? Just curious.

Can’t wait to try it soon!

It’s Uy’s creation.

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