Footlong cookie anyone?

Subway introduces new footlong cookie along with some other footlong items.

Aw, man. Their subs and cookies are so, so good… who wouldn’t want more of that?

Their cookies used to be pretty good up here
I’ve never had Subway in the States.

I think the one and only Subway sandwich I ever had was one I bought at Ostbahnhof in Berlin for a very, very long train trip to my hometown for xmas. I think it was the only Subway in Berlin at the time, and “the healthiest” option. Never had any of their cookies and, having delivered food from them many times back when I did that, cannot stand the smell that emanates from their branches.

And a footlong cookie is just stupid / typical US adage of “more is better” food.


I don’t mind the jumbo cookie thing. I guess the 12 inch cookie is a novelty for a sub shop with 12 inch subs.

Round jumbo cookies were a thing at a local pizza chain here in Canada when I was a kid. Oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip Mother’s Pizza. Probably 10 inches in diameter.

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We have a local dude who makes ridiculous cookies. That said, one of those lasts two of us several days to finish. We basically cut it into pie ‘slices.’

As for Subway, making a mediocre cookie larger doesn’t make it any better.


We have a couple places doing the decadent stuffed cookies in Toronto, too. Or the thick Levain-type.

I have no willpower so I don’t buy them anymore . I will eat the whole cookie in 1 or 2 sittings. I eat them when they’re gifts or free :joy:.

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Man, I’m glad that’s nowhere near me. Pecan caramel stuffed brownies :yum: :yum: :yum:

On the subject at hand, I can see a footlong cookie making an appearance at a football party or the dreaded mandatory lunch meeting or the community event offering “complimentary snacks.” Like the foods at those functions, this cookie looks unappealing to me.


They’re pretty good in the US too.

A young’un on my team used to make at least one subway lunch stop every week, two if he could con others into forgetting it had already happened :joy:

I could see the footlong cookies and churros showing up as communal snacks. The price is certainly right.

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They travel quite well :wink: I sent a few to my Secret Santa.

Commercially made cookies don’t appeal to be much, and Subway is mos def the last place on earth I’d be looking to buy one, 2" or 12" :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I’d be interested to see what kind of disher they use to portion those up.

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How does one serve a footlong cookie at a communal event?

Do you cut it up into “bite size” pieces for everyone to take a piece?

Or do you leave everyone to their own devices and just have people pick at it with utensils, napkins and their own bare hands?

This is like the evil cousin to “double dipping”

You’ve never been in a workspace where there were shared foods of any sort? Doughnuts, cookies, a bagel platter, birthday cake, nothing?

No, because your mouth should not be involved in breaking or cutting off a piece of a giant shared cookie (same as it isn’t when there’s a birthday cake meant to be shared) :rofl:


Why, everyone takes a bite, of course. Company policy.

“We’re all in this together.”


Well I don’t usually order food via delivery (except of course dinner from a local), especially food with a short shelf life. Fortunately, I bake as do many folks I know, so the good stuff is generally available at gatherings.

And I could never understand the popularity of Subway. I’m sure this is in part due to my Philly location where a good hoagie is never more than a few blocks away.


I feel that way about 99% of chain restaurants, but let’s not open that can of chain worms again :wink:

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It is partly because you have so many options! In some small towns, the chains have replaced the old mom & pops. In the 1800 person town an hour from my cousin’s farm, there’s a Subway, a Chinese restaurant, a couple pizza restaurants, a Greek-run diner and a bakery.

I prefer the diner, but I can seen how Subway is an affordable option when you’re hungry or tired of your own home cooking.

Subway is pretty affordable, and quick. I wouldn’t choose it in a place like Philadelphia where you have so many good sandwich options but I can see why it survives.

Jimmy John’s just opened in Toronto this week. First one in Canada. It’s probably my cup of tea, but other people are excited enough that the opening is in the news… Jersey Mike’s is also opening its first location in Canada soon.

What I found hilarious, was that my uncle, who is a foodie with some things but not others, and it’s hard to predict when he will be fussy, wanted a sandwich before a 120 mile drive, about 7 years ago. I asked him if he’d like to try a Toronto Hot Veal , Hot Chicken or Hot Eggplant sandwich, which is essentially a veal/ chicken/ eggplant parm on a soft Kaiser roll, with optional hot peppers , sauteed onions , sauteed mushrooms, and available in my neighborhood at the time.

He told me that didn’t sound appetizing. Then I think I offered a corned beef sandwich spot. He didn’t want that. He said he wanted something like a Jimmy John’s, and that meant nothing to me. I asked him what it was, and he said it was really really good sandwich. :smile:

Ultimately, we drove to a shopping mall and he got a burger at A &W :joy:.


True, I spent a few years in Athens, OH. Subway was actually a step up there :grin:

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This place is DANGEROUS! Caramel Apple, Cheesecake stuffed Snickerdoodle, S’more, BBC. :open_mouth: