foodtalkcentral off-line?

A number of you are also denizens of FTC (

It seems to have fallen offline, or been reset? I’m getting odd prompts to make an account when I try to get to it.

Anyone have the 411?

Looks like something went wrong following the change of server provider the site did yesterday. It was ‘read only’ yesterday but I think was fine earlier today.

Lauriston mentioned that he was going to change servers soon, because Discourse was charging too much to host images. He’s probably in the midst of the changeover. Since the site’s structure is also based on Discourse, my guess would be that the changeover is more complex than expected.

Likely, though he did say the site would be ‘read only’ while he switched (as it was yesterday). I had to log in this morning, got on, and the read only banner was gone, though I didn’t try to post. Tech is complicated… my local supermarket couldn’t accept debit cards earlier today - cash or credit only. :woozy_face:

AH! I remember him mentioning the changeover, but had forgotten. Hopefully, all goes smoothly.

Thanks much, everyone!

Back up in read-only at 5:15 CDT

I was prompted to create a new account, which I tried to do, but my confirmation link keeps trying to get me to register as an admin. I emailed Robert, but haven’t heard back yet.

4:00pm PST - seems to be working, though I did have to log in again and my default home page isn’t correct. Patience little brother, patience!

confirmed, though it seems that images aren’t working quite yet. I imagine it’ll take a bit to migrate all the data…

Seems to be all the way back now.