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This was posted to the Tri-state Restaurant Club on facebook. And I was wondering what all y’all think.

What is it that she’s looking for for her hubby?

What could it possibly be that he wants?

Long Island has lots of interesting places to eat but I don’t know of any that are “odd.” It comes down to Location, Location, Location.
Take a nice ride out to Orient Point and Orient By the Sea. A great ride, fabulous location and decent food if you keep it simple.
There are two spots on the ocean inlet in Hampton bays that offer a great lobster special on some week nights. Hampton Lady and Sundays on the Bay. Once again, K.I.S.S. just get the lobster special.
The Old Mill Inn in Mattituck is unusual. It’s got new owners and I have not been there recently.
La Plage in Wading River completely knocks my socks off. Sit out on the front porch if it’s warm or ask for the table by the big window in the back for a very special dining experience.
Hit up Snowflake or Magic Fountain for dessert!!!

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Old Mill just closed their doors, for better or worse. And I don’t think Orient by the Sea opens till closer to Memorial Day? I’m trying to find something for our (40th!) anniversary Monday out here and the only place I can find open that day is Jedediah, which is hit or miss for us so far. Was hoping for La Plage but they are only open Weds-Sun right now. Who knew it would be so hard to find something off-season :wink:

Orient, you made me look: Friday May 5…too bad hubby and I can’t sit inside at the bar anymore though, that is the best spot!

How about one of those places on the inlet. I think the lobster special is $30 for twin lobsters and sides. A nice deal. Volpe’s in Center Moriches is very good. Orto in Miller place is excellent too.
There is always The Shack!!!

I’m kind of stuck at the definition of “odd meal”. Weird, just a little different, or totally off the wall? I’m channeling the old Trolley Barn in Speonk myself :wink: Or Triangle Pub.

I’m thinking it’s all about things like an all offal meal (she should call Mombar Cafe in Astoria for this) or other out of the ordinary food experience. Or maybe a Greek place serving Kokoreski, smelts and fresh octopus?

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So is it that if it’s not a plain piece of protein (boneless skinless chicken breast, steak or pork chop, maybe a filet of unidentifiable fish) on a cold plate it has to be offal?
Just curious

No, that’s why I said “…like an all offal meal”. I was just trying to hypothesize what she might have meant by “odd meal” or “out of the box” & give an example to potentially answer your “What is it that she’s looking for for her hubby? What could it possibly be that he wants?” questions. As she seems to be the one of the couple who stays within the usual fare served at more common places (that would be “the box”), I figured that offal would represent one of the types of meals that she would identify as something outside the norm & that, therefore, her husband might enjoy. Having watched some of Andrew Zimmern’s shows myself, I would also guess that other “out of the box” ideas might include insects, a broad ranging dimsum (like one that might serve durian, duck’s feet…) or even a place that serves a solid game menu.

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Thanks for the clarification.
Perhaps it could mean something prepared by someone who not only possesses culinary skill, but actually employs it?

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