Food & Wine Magazine weights in on "The Most Important Craft Beers"

I reviewed their list with a bemused smile.

Then you’d get a kick out of this one:

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I was with them until the Sam Adams. Still, Victory Hop Devil is a fixture in my fridge and I do like the Dogfish IPA. I can’t recall ever tasting the Victory Prima Pils, but will now keep an eye out for it.

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Interesting article, have only had 3 of them and didn’t like any. Tobe fair I don’t like IPA’s so Dogfish is out. As for number 8( 3 Floyds) that brewery is in my backyard and although they have good beer their marketing is genius. They limit production and make some of their beers a must have. Remember Coors years ago when guys like me would take a road trip to go west of the Mississippi just to get a beer because we didn’t have it. Same principle.

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We have a great brewary here in Sydney Young Henrys that does a lot of specials usually in collaboration with visiting bands or chefs. Their base brews are pretty special and their specials are always interesting.

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Well, first of all I appreciate that they put FOUR Anchor beers on the list. They really did revive the whole local brewing industry in this country and deserve the credit. No American brewery has been more influential - and I still remember being blown away by the Porter the first time I had it Back When Dinosaurs Walked The Earth - it really was a revelation to all of us back then. Also I have always loved their Christmas ales and it’s a special part of the season to get the first six pack of it every year. But not as much as I love my all time favorite beer Sierra Nevada Celebration! If they made that all year round I’m not sure I’d drink much of anything else. And SN Pale Ale is always a fave as well.

I think the list is more about influential beers, rather than a list of the 25 Best US Craft Beers Ever.

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I always liked Anchor Steam . Being from California I have to give a shout out to New Albion Brewery where ; Jack Mc Auliffe trail blazed the way for all craft breweries to come . Established 1976 Sonoma , California .:beers:


They were a real lifesaver for me. On lots of business trips to the US it was the only decent beer in many bars. A real god send.

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