Food Trucks in Port Newark, NJ

Port Newark, an industrial wasteland inhabited only by those forced to be there.

In fact, you’d really have no reason to even know of its existence unless you either had business there or you accidentally stumbled upon it (making a wrong turn to get to the airport).

Located just east of the Newark Airport, and south of the Ironbound, it is a relatively unknown plot of land consisting of various freight companies, shipping container terminals, and not much else.

Even knowing what you’re about to get into, you feel unwelcome on the road in a measly car stuck between dozens of trucks.

Among the long left turns, blinking hazards, and stay back 20 feet signs, there is a seemingly lost and unexplored food truck culture.

It makes total sense, in reality. These are food trucks meant for the many hungry truckers and hard-hat, safety vest clad workers. Specializing in fast, cheap, and generously portioned meals, food trucks are the perfect vehicle to meet the port’s demand.

Scattered along on the major avenues that divide the port, on Marsh St., Port St. and as far as Avenue P. and Wilson Ave, you’ll find over 10 food trucks operating from as early as 4am until the lunch rush ends around 3pm.

The most popular being the breakfast sandwich and lunch trucks, such as the Yankee Lunch Truck, Eddie’s, Charlie’s, and others.

Menus change daily when it comes to the several Dominican food trucks on Marsh St. (Pablito’s, Canto’s).

Pancho’s Lunch Truck is a Dominican restaurant operating out of a repurposed school bus, painted purple, found on Avenue P, off Wilson Ave.

Plus, there are even trucks that pop-up daily and move around, such as The King of Chacarero (a Chilean food truck usually on Port St.), Ochoa’s (a sandwich and sub truck), and Mr. Softee on hot days.

A list of Food Trucks I’ve seen:

Truck St.
Adams Lunch Truck Port St.
Mr. Softee Port St.
Joe’s Lunch Truck Distribution St.
Charlie’s Lunch Truck Distribution St.
Yankee Lunch Truck 550 Port st.
Chris’ Lunch Truck Marsh St.
Eddie’s Marsh St.
Papa James Marsh St.
Panchos’s Avenue P And Wilson Ave
Ochoa’s Avenue P/ Delancey
Pablito Marsh St.
Canto Marsh St.
King of Chacarero Port St.
John’s Snack Blanchard

Your description would make an excellent NJ food find video. What an unexpected report…you do a fine job of discovering these gems.


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