food truck/yonkers raceway

Did anyone go to this,and would they report on it . I went down their(alone) and was thinking of paying the $8.00 entrance fee,but I need to use a walker to get around and as i walked to the entrance,I could see through the slats in the fence,it was mobbed. I just couldn’t see standing on line with such a huge crowd. I did not decide to go til about 4pm,so i thought it might not be too bad. Instead I drove over to Yonkers ave. saw a sign for halal fried chicken - got that for take-out, a decide “meh” wouldn’t bother with it.

I didn’t bother. I knew it would be a madhouse. Plus I wasn’t impressed by the food truck line up.

Thanks for reporting back. I was considering going, but then my husband had to have emergency dental surgery on Friday and has been unable to eat solid food ever since! Glad to know we didn’t miss much.

I couldn’t see paying an entrance fee and then standing on line to pay for food and drinks.

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Oh no!

I agree. There was nothing I was interested in. I wonder why there was such a small and unexciting line-up.

The line-up did not seem too exciting. Not too surprised on that score as my main complaint is westchester is not well served as far as food goes. Since Westchester towns/cities in general do not encourage food trucks,the local trucks would (of course) be limited, and to bring a truck to an area that it is unlikely a vendor could expand to does not seem to be much incentive either. But from the crowds i saw somebody must have gone to this event

Final confirmation that the large crowds were a good enough reason not to go. I now see Walter’s hot dogs won for best truck. I like Walter’s (occasionally) but if that is the best thing dished up, well…just glad I passed on going in.


I was there. We went to spend time with some friends from the other side of Westchester. I also wanted to support it, in the hopes that next year it will be better, because the idea is great. The weather was great and it was nice to have some beers on the grass with friends. It was only $5 to get in but the truck prices were pretty steep, and as others mentioned the line-up was pretty lame. Nothing really memorable.


I don’t see much chance of a significantly improved line-up next year. Westchester cnty doesn’t really encourage trucks,so it’s not as if their will be many more choices next year. Nj trucks have no real incentive other than bragging rights- not as if business will expand to this area.Fwiw Teca’s tacos truck in New Rochelle is as good as it gets around here.

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