Food trippin' in Singapore and Malaysia


A friend and I are visiting Singapore (3 nights), Penang (3 or 4 nights), Ipoh (1 night), Tanah Rata (2 nights), Kuala Lumpur (1 or 2 nights) the end of September.

My google maps is littered with pins and suggestions, and must-try’s for food in the respective cities many of which from @klyeoh on several topics on these boards and from older posts on Chowhound. There was a wonderful thread where he compared Singapore vs. Penang as far as food, culture, and its modern appeals (

I pulled a ton of suggestions from last year’s thread as well: Trip to KL, Penang, Singapore, and BKK

We’re going to start in Singapore, fly to Penang, and rent a car in Penang and drive the rest of the trip until we fly out in Kuala Lumpur.

Anything in particular we should know or tips for the trip, places we must stop at since we have a car, or suggestions for must-sees or must-try’s for restaurants in Tanah Rata or otherwise? (a pancake shop Yong Teng Cafe posted in MFW just caught my eye)

On this trip, we’re most likely going to try to spend most time eating in hawker centers, kopi shops, street food stalls, etc.

Is the rainy weather that much of a factor this time of year or is it manageable, as far as hikes around Tanah Rata or Penang Hill?

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If you’re driving from Penang to Ipoh then I would recommend a stop in Taiping. It’s a sleepy but very charming town. I spent a couple of days there in 2017. There’s a lovely old market with a few food stalls but I only ate there once. For food I would recommend Kakak. I went there for breakfast and had some great chicken noodle soup. You can pick your own toppings. You probably wouldn’t be there for breakfast though I’m assuming.

My favourite lunch spot was Yut Sun. I really enjoyed their chicken chop. I’d been in Asia for 18 months by this point and the chips, gravy and marrowfat were such a nice reminder of home.



Awesome! Thank you. I was definitely looking at a stop in Taiping cause I heard about the nocturnal zoo, and that’s just the type of place we’re looking for - sleepy and charming. I’ll mark those down, all that looks amazing.


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For Kuala Lumpur , -Peter @klyeoh is far better placed than me to advise & you may already have some of these but for Chinatown I very much liked the congee at Hon Kee

Also in Chinatown is Shin Kee Beef Noodle. 新九如新记牛肉粉. I used KL as a hub while travelling in Asia and must have been there half a dozen times at least. I would advise going with the dry version of the dish (i.e soup on the side) as you get the fantastic umami packed mince on top of noodles rather than being diluted in the soup. I prefer the yellow noodles but they run out really early so usually had the flat noodles.


If you happen to be anywhere near the Berjaya Times Square mall then Wong Mei Kee is worth a visit. The service is terrible and the rice is even worse, however the pork is some of the best I’ve ever eaten. The layers are beautifully defined and it is so moist and the fat sweet. The skin on top is very thin and shatters like the coating of a toffee apple. I would advise just getting the pork to take away.


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You won’t need to worry about the rain much in Sep. The monsoon rains come in Nov/Dec.
I’m on a food trip in Macao at the moment, but will be back in Penang next week - I’ll share with you an updated list of places to explore in Singapore, Penang, Ipoh, etc. then. :blush:

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Great list of places you’ve got there, Chris!


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Sorry, OP, don’t meant to interupt your thread. Just want to quickly jump in to ask Kleyeoh something.

:persevere::dizzy_face: Thanks to this site now we can continue to live vicariously through you.

Have you been here? I’m going make a post for this place soon. Notice the 2 stickers? Didn’t even see them until I looked at the photos on my laptop later.



No sweat, grab some egg tarts for me :stuck_out_tongue:


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No, I’ve not gotten the opportunity.