Food treats around Covent Garden and Euston

We’re planning a day trip to London in a couple of weeks. It’s to have lunch at Rules. And, yes, I know it’s daft to do a 400 mile round trip just for lunch but humour me, please. I have had sillier ideas in the past - like the trip to Amsterdam just to eat a rijstaffel.

Anyway, to get a good deal on Avanti West Coast Mainline, you have to be selective with your train times. Which means we will have a couple of hours to kill after lunch. We won’t need to eat, of course, but the idea of a browse round a specialist food shop or two has an appeal. Any thoughts of places around the restaurant or station?


No helpful suggestions, but I love your style!


I lived a year in London and I never found a specialist food shop worth revisiting. They do have wonderful bakeries and chocolate shops. Try this Italian Deli for prosciutto and salami and cheeses - I Camisa - I would go to Crumbs and Doilies for dessert to go. She is cupcake Jemma on youtube. Totally yum, And you are so close to the Tate Modern you should go or at least walk along the river. Walk past the Globe so you can say you were there. I loved crossing the river and looking at the bridges. Its a walk but you can go to Harrods for the food hall. Good Luck and enjoy.

Borough Market. I forgot all about it. This is where to go. Locals definitely come here for food shopping. You can get anything you want. Seafood, meat, prepared meals, breads, desserts. I am not a fan of most of it, but it is really London feeling. Also should mention Gails Bakery - ordinary but one of the better ones

Hi Harters…Ambala Sweet House is on Drummond Street, down the street from Euston. Diwana’s is further down on the same street. They have some great chaat. But, Borough Market was incredible in terms of variety and quality pre COVID.

Hi Kalivs. We have an Ambala in Manchester - until your post I hadnt realised it was a chain.

Thanks to both for the mention of Borough. I’ve been a number of times over the years. Last time was a couple of years or so back. It felt it had changed and become very touristy - most folk gawping at the stalls rather than being there to do their shopping. And, yes, I was there gawping.

The place I’d really like to visit in London right now is Mercato Mayfair:

Some of my foodie friends in London are going bonkers over it - one of them actually went there weekly, or more!

Not exactly at Covent Garden’s doorstep - about 10 minutes away by cab.

In the end, we bought cheese at Neals Yard Dairy. And bread at the St John Bakery, literally round the corner.