Food served on bits of wood-now you’ve gone too far.

I admit I can be a bit of a grump and I’ve tried not to get annoyed with the penchant for serving food on slates and bits of wood. If you’re serving venison with foraged herbs and wild mushrooms it does make some sort of sense. However I tried a new place for breakfast this morning and had time to sit in as I was early for work. The place looked a bit too cool for school but the pastries looked good and the coffee was from a good roaster. So I sit and wait and then my flat white (in a glass rather than a cup, as you’d expect) and pain au chocolat arrive all served on a piece of wood. Come on a pain au choc on a plank, where ‘s it going to end?

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Not very hygienic IMO.

In Germany, the traditional Abendbrot (bread and assorted meats & cheeses) is often served on little wooden trays. Same with breakfast.

But it’s not an actual plank. That would be odd indeed.

Only thing on a plank for me is fish that has been baked on it.

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