food/restaurant stocks (any investors here?)

Well this market is for the birds! Is anyone making any moves?

Thursday I sold off all my McDonald’s stock. I got it at 100 and sold at 200. Friday it dropped 6 bucks so I think I got out at a half decent time. This is a no brainer to buy back. It is just how greedy do you want to get and do you roll the dice to see if it sinks much lower? snatch up at 194 this weekend?

Beyond meat got slaughtered Friday (pun intended) and dropped 15.54%.

I might buy this weekend at 89. I think this either tanks or goes bonkers within the next months. I don’t see it hovering around 90 very long.

I’m watching coke as well, but that’s not ready to buy I believe. Chipotle went up 2.39% on Friday and up 1.22% after hours. That might be a buy soon, if not now.


Our overall portfolio has dropped by about 13% in the last week. It’s not going to get better for a while - covid-19 now on top of Brexit. I may just go and hide under the duvet for a few months.

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That is honestly not that bad! Lots have taken a beating.

Captain obvious checking in here. I know amazon stock will be a winner going forward and I’m prepared to go heavy and long on that stock. I think their brick and mortar grocery stores are going really help drive traffic to their website. I’m not sure how profitable the stores will be. However, with more and more Amazon advertising shoved in our faces each day, more and more people sign up to cult. That is where the value lies I believe. That is just a tiny piece of the puzzle but I believe it will be one factor to stay on top. If you haven’t seen how their “cashierless” grocery store works check out a video. Very impressive! And to think, soon we will be paying with our palm thanks to Tesla (I predict.) Slap your palm down and check out with no credit card or phone needed.

Ooh haven’t checked my portfolio in a while, bet it’s sad. But was thinking it’s a good time to ‘buy low’. Costco? Grocery outlet is actually up slightly.