Food & Restaurant News, Northern Monmouth County NJ (mostly)

OK… let’s see if I can remember everything.

Turkish Grocery coming to… I think it’s Manalapan, in the shopping center on Rt. 9 North past Gordon’s Corner Road. Strip mall, where every store has red lettering. So, there’s that.

Further up the road, but on the southbound side, in the same strip mall as Domino’s Pizza and Underground Nutrition (next to the U-Haul place) is a new restaurant (not open yet, but will be soon, I saw a help wanted ad on Craigslist) “Grill Point” Mediterranean Grill and Cafe. I look forward to this, because even though I work part time at Domino’s, I can’t actually eat any of the food there. :slight_smile:

In Marlboro, where the giant Asian market is (where I like to buy fresh salmon for $2.99!!! a pound!), there used to be “Koo”… they were there for years. But now it’s gone, and there’s what looks like an “authentic” Chinese restaurant coming soon. Go check it out. There are these huge green posters showing what kind of food they’ll be serving. Definitely will be a HOdown destination once it opens.

Rt. 18 North, before Walmart and Perkins… sign for a new 25 Burgers. That was a surprise (also in the shopping mall north of that I saw a sign for Ibby’s Falafel… the signage made it seem like a chain… maybe Ibby moved from Freehold to East Brunswick?)

I’ll post more on this thread if anything else comes to mind.


Great report! Will definitely want to check the new Chinese place. As for Ibby’s, they opened in E. Brunswick some time ago now (more than a year). It’s hardly the same quality that they served in Freehold, imo.

I’ve gotten lunch from Ibby’s several times and it’s always very good.