Food research project

Hey everyone,
I’m writing my thesis on food websites and blogs. I’m almost done my research but am looking for a few more responses to my survey. It asks about how you find recipes, how you use social media to enrich your food experience, etc. It would mean the world to me for your help in filling it out!
Thanks so much!



Had to get access to an online currency converter to answer a couple. And had to invent an answer for Q13 - “what is missing from my food experience” - as there was no “nothing” button.

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Done. Interesting. Maybe you could post some relevant parts on HO when you are finished.

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So why is 40+ the oldest age choice? Huh? What once your over 40 that’s it your over the hill so why bother with any more groups??? (I’m just teasing)


Done. Interesting survey - I hope the OP will be able to share more about her thesis once it’s complete!

Done too!

How did you find us/HO?

There are a couple of questions with no relevant answers to click on but I picked one anyway.


I skipped them so when I was finished I only completed 84%.


Add me to the group who completed the survey and would like to read a little more about your thesis and its findings,

Done. You need a ‘None Of These’ selection for a couple of those questions.


I didn’t know it was possible to skip. Sometimes you can’t go further if you skip. I think, in this case, the result is more accurate if you skip questions.

The questions and multiple choices can be improved.

Well I did skip, however there is still a chance I get mine back with a BIG red “F” grade on it for being incomplete! Sadly not the first time in my life for that…

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I had to stop because it seemed like it was devised and written by someone who doesn’t cook.

So many of the questions had clear answers that weren’t listed…

And seems to be directed and young people without a lot of dough… (pun intended)

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Please don’t take this the wrong way, but it looks like you need some solid feedback. I can’t help you design your survey, that’s part of what your thesis is about, but you need to speak to your professor/teacher/advisor about solid survey design.

Here’s some advice as someone who is an educator on food and especially beverages, and has been a university professor, teaching among other things food and food cultural studies. Rethink your survey. It is very poorly written and designed. Sadly, it is of no real value to any sort of thesis. I’m saying this based on my background of many academic and professional research studies, in a variety of disciplines. It is not inclusive of the whole general public, just focuses on low end, young, uneducated, consumers. And it barely does that. You need to fully cover the relevant demographics, which in this case would be the whole population the survey is exposed to.


Done, although I did not answer a few

This is just not a productive response to this thread. We have no idea about the context of this survey. While it may not get you a PhD, we have no idea of the context in which this is being produced. It isn’t horrible, just not extremely complex.

Marie I hope after getting your results and interpreting things you decide that in hindsight you may do some things differently or ask questions differently. That is where any real learning about survey design will come from.

Marie thanks for posting your survey. Don’t let some of this feedback prevent you from posting some of your findings for us.

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