Food relief in Gaza and Israel

Maybe 2024 will be WCK’s Nobel Peace Prize year. Mr. Andres’s admirable organization has deserved it for a decade!


My absolute favourite olive oil is Zaytoun - an organic Palestinian oil. Supplies have never been guaranteed, over the years, due to the blockade but, fortunately, I have most of a bottle in the cupboard.

This morning, we had an email from them noting that the farmers who supply them with Medjoul dates are only halfway through the gathering and processing of this year’s crop. And the olive producers have not yet started. The current situation looks as though they won’t be able to complete the work, in either Gaza or the West Bank, so a whole years work may well be lost.

There is little that we can do as individuals. But we must do what we can do. We’ve written to our Member of Parliament (a member of the governing party) urging her to use her good offices to urge restraint on humanitarian grounds and for the siege of Gaza, and lockdown on the West Bank to be lifted. We’ve also sent a donation to the British charity “Medical Aid for Palestinians”. MAP’s team in Gaza has already passed all of its stock to hospitals and medical first responders in the enclave.

(Later edit: YIKES. I’ve only got about a quarter of a bottle of the oil. Sparing use for the coming months then. But it is forming part of the dressing of a watercress, chicory, orange and walnut salad, that the starter for tonight’s meal at Casa Harters)


Medical Aid for Palestinians is not simply a medical relief organization. It is a partizan political group.

It’s a charity, registered as such under UK law, which prevents charities from being a political group. Charity Commission registration number 1045315 refers. Regulation of charities is an issue my country takes seriously.

I’ve not previously heard of the NGO Monitor group - but a glance at its website suggests its not an independent, unbiased organisation.