Food-related Holiday gifts, 2016

There doesn’t yet seem to be a consolidated thread for this year, so here goes:

Here’s a link to Audible’s collection of food-related audiobooks. Some good options here, though I find the concept of a narrated cookbook more than a little odd (unless the voice is Richard Armitage’s!) With the “voice of experience”, I urge you to listen to the sample before ordering any audiobook. You’d think this industry would make sure to hire people with good tone and modulation, but it’s often not the case.

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My Joy of Cooking app from Culminate has voice. She’s got a vaguely English accent, and responds to simple commands like 'Next Step" 'Back", “Repeat” “Stop” and so on. But she needs some meth or at the very least, caffeine, because she speaks so very slowly. You’d think slow would be better for cooking directions, but I find myself waving my hand in the “hurry up” manner to try to get her speak a little faster. That’s one command she doesn’t respect, sadly.

But it’s a great app, not your usual ebook translation at all. Culinate made full-blown apps for Joy, the Williams-Sonoma cookbook and the How To Cook Everything series. Also something called Hello, Cupcake, which isn’t like the others, but seems to be template thingy of some kind…

The cookbooks are special because they’ve got all related content (techniques, variations, notes on ingredients, etc…) in tabs beside each recipe, along with a tab for personal notes, and is not only searchable using any search term you like (name, ingredient, technique, etc…) but it’s got full chapter browsing, too. They have some photos and even cost less than Kindle versions of the books. These folks could make a fortune if they’d tackle other cookbooks, too.

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