Food Presents This Christmas

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year. I thought I’d share my Christmas presents relating to food. I’d be interested to see what other people got


Taster set of whisky in unusual casks.

Hario V60 2 person dripper and flask. I already have the ceramic one for one person

Potted pheasant in Borolo made by a nonna in Tuscany. Also fish sauce which I used yesterday. It’s so much better than any other stuff I’ve used. Thanks to Dan@Foodhunter for the rec on another thread quite some time ago.


Very noice. Enjoy!

No Red Boat brand here. I only use Vietnamese “supreme quality” fish sauce from Phu Quoc island, costs twice as much as most other brands and stuff from Thailand.

I got 2 books from H, one Japanese street and comfort food, the second on Asian noodles, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese.

H received his dream mug with a wooden handle.

We also got a kouign amann from my neighbour for looking after their kitty, and my cat got a juicy filet of chicken too!


Nice gifts!!

I’ve Red Boat, H bought it on a gourmet website. Since I used to smuggle a few bottles of Phu Quoc fish sauce including an aged 70° one from Vietnam, I feel Red Boat is alright but there are much better, and also price is expensive 16€, I think. I mostly use it for finishing. This Thai one is more than acceptable for its price 3€, I use it to cook.

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Our Xmas stockings have always been the place to send celebrations of foodie experiences during the year. GIven this was 2020, we need more imagination. I returned another bottle of Everything Bagel to DIL and gave delicious Pumpkin Pie hummus. I received new immersion blender which I will appreciate all year.


Actually I overheard h’s weekly video meeting with his normally office coworkers, everybody got some type of food or food related gifts. Before chistmas, my neighbour asked h for cooking knives ideas and advices resulting a set of chef knife, a slicing knife and a smaller all purpose knife. I think in a confining situation, the few things that are useful are utensils to cook or food. Also food comforts soul.

I received several excellent bottles of booze (which I requested) and one that was a surprise: Red Breast 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey. Also, one of my friends got me a bottle of Alibi Gin (which is not really available in our part of NJ-- he ordered it through his restaurant). It is big in Atlantic City.

As for food gadgets, I got the BF a Cuisinart wafflemaker and my mom wanted a mini ice cream maker (it really is tiny-- think it makes a pint). She also gifted us a large set of Calphalon pans since I am always raving about the one we use for damn near everything.

As a joke gift, I gave the two of them a “Spicy Shelf” spice cabinet organizer. It is one of those hokey as-seen-on-TV items. Since they are always complaining about the spice cabinet, with nothing ever being put back properly, I figured for $20 it was worth the laugh.

Where are we keeping these items, as the already dwindling free space in our humble abode fades away? No idea! But I contributed to the problem since the wafflemaker is quite large!


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