Food Poisoning Expert 6 Foods To Avoid

The first one is perhaps a surprise but it does make total sense. The last one is my personal favorite, I’ll continue to run the risk!!

Good lord, that’s a terrible article. She couldn’t find anyone to interview with a background in medicine or some other science? Her “food poisoning expert” is a laywer. She writes, “In the early '80s and '90s, salmonella was an epidemic from raw eggs…” What does that even mean? Is it something else now?


Oh man, no more medium steak or raw oyster? that’s a bit of a problem.

My favorite part is the stock photo of Brussels sprouts in the sprouts section, as if they are the same sort of thing as alfalfa/mung bean/clover sprouts.


The author and that attorney must be be a blast to eat out with…

“I’ll start with a dozen oysters, but cook them all the way through, and then I’ll go with the filet, well done and a baked potato. No green onions or sour cream, since they might be contaminated. To finish, just bring me a whole apple…”


Yes, and the pic. of a cooked egg in the raw egg bit, and “Marler recommends steering clear of meat that is cooked rare.” next to a pic. of Steak Tartare!

Sloppy (actually non-existent) sub-editing.

Perfectly good topic, and thanks to the OP, but I struggle to ignore the poor presentation.

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I am with Junior. I will continue to run the risk…

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I live in Houston/Galveston and won’t eat raw oysters when the water is warm most of the year. Having said that I was in Galveston/Surfside last week and had oysters four straight days, 2 times blackened and 2 times fried. I eat cooked oysters year round.

It’s blue crab season now. There will be crabs next day off.

I’ve got a prime top sirloin, 3.97 a pound thank-you, that has rare/medium rare written all over it.

Here too, will continue the risk. Actually, got sick mildly once from oysters, bought directly from the producers.

The 2 most toxic food poisoning I had (with husband) was dinner in an Italian restaurant in Marseille and another time in a Russian restaurant restaurant in Paris. Both meal, food were cooked, nothing raw.

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