Food Plating: Dots and Dashes

I LOVE this article! “Haute Dots Of Sauce: Culinary Art Or A Horror Show On A Plate?” I vote for the latter. Dots and dashes get old very, very fast when you eat out often:


That’s a good one! I feel like the more dots there are the more a dish costs and the more likely you are to want a snack on your way home…
unfortunately plating decorations have become a bit rediculous in an effort to make them more photogenic- which in theory i have nothing against, but when i went to a very “in” place for one of their beautiful “bowls” the homemade hummus that was featured in the description was a big schmear around the outer edge of the bowl! Like i would have needed a mini spatula to actually eat it! Sigh.

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Just a tease on the plate.

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If the dish tastes good, they can plate however they want- 60 dots of sauce if they want to or make the dish look like a pile of dung. If it tastes average, then I take issue with ‘artful plating’. To me, it should always be, figure out the cooking/ taste first, then everything else.


Tweezers and squeeze bottles = a pretty plate of food served no longer as hot or cold as it should be.



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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr