Food near(ish) Logan Airport for an extended layover [Boston Area]

Hi, next week I’m coming through Logan Airport and have a long layover (maybe six hours— afternoon with an evening departure). I have someone coming over to meet me and we’d probably like to leave the airport to eat or have a drink.

At this point I’m open to options to sift through although if anyone has made a breakaway from Logan and gone somewhere to eat,I’d love to hear where and how long it took. (I don’t want to have getting back to the airport nagging at me.) I’m familiar with Boston and its environs and usually have longer stays for trying food so this is not so much a plea for anything special as it is “anything good close-by (by car) that can provide a lovely diversion and space to talk? (I’ll be knackered after a fairly long flight and not eating loads since there’s more flying to be done.)


This Eater article was updated in May 2019. The very end has several options
outside of Logan.


Rino’s in East Boston is about 2 miles from the airport and has delicious Italian food. The lobster raviolis are the best I’ve ever had. Everything is authentic and delicious. They are closed on Sunday and Mondays.


Thank you! This is fantastic.

Thank you!

6 hours!? No problem at all. Boston is small. I travel there by air 1-2 times per month, arriving and departing at all times of the day, including evening rush hour. The very most it would take you to leave Logan and get to the restaurant is an hour. Coming back, maybe add 30 more minutes to go through security.

Yesterday I checked in online, had no checked bags and allowed 90 mins from Kendall Square to Logan/JetBlue for a 5:10 PM flight. I had time to fill up the water bottle for my dog who always accompanies me, a big glass of wine not so close to my gate, walk back, sit down for a little then started boarding. I always have more than enough time.

Now I know people are going to chime in about all sorts of things that COULD happen: a Boston team wins a title and there is a duck parade (Highly likely, I mean it is Boston! GO SOX!); “one time there were only two TSA lines open”; a cab strike; uber goes offline. I’m sure all sort of things can occur - it IS life after all.

So you have ample time to go downtown, Cambridge, Beacon Hill. Try Troquet on South.


Just as a travel option, keep in mind that you can take water taxi’s from Logan to different areas on the harbor. I’ve only ever done it to catch a ferry to the Cape (Airport to the Aquarium) - and I’m not sure economically it makes sense for a crowd (vs a Lyft/Uber) but if it is a really nice day and your friends want to meet you downtown or the seaport area, it’s kind of fun and different.


And if for any reason, you find yourself needing to grab a bite at the airport, one of the Legal Seafood locations is what I choose. Keeping in mind that you’re in airport, it’s the most agreeable option I have found within Logan. Usually for a light bite I opt for a crab cake appetizer and a glass of wine.

Whatever you do, avoid Durgin Park inside Logan (only remaining outlet by that name now that the original has shuttered). Not so long ago when pressed for time, I innocently thought I could grab a quick meal before a flight. How bad could it be? Worst food I have been served yet while transiting through an airport, and airport dining is a utilitarian thing. (I normally avoid being negative but Durgin Park is mentioned in the Eater article.)


I think (not sure) the water taxi might be a quicker option, too, than ground travel, as long as your destination is close to where the water taxi drops you off. Another fairly quick way to get to the South Station area, and thence in walking-minutes to Chinatown & Gene’s, Troquet, O Ya, etc., is the Silver Line, although waiting for it can sometimes be like waiting for Godot.


The Hyatt at the airport has a very decent menu and fantastic views of Boston - it has a waterfront location. And it’s next to the water taxi dock.

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Angela’s Cafe in Eat Boston is homey and lovely, without being fussy. I was there for the first time in a couple of years, and they welcomed me like I was a regular. The food is top notch, as well.


@tomatotomato Terminal E is an embarrassment. I never expect great food at any airport, but international travelers coming in/out of Terminal E must be flabbergasted by the dearth of anything decent except maybe Legal. That’s where we always eat in E.


Agree that Terminal E is one grim food situation, with the exception of Legal. This city is capable of offering so much better to travelers, even given the constraints that go with airport food service.

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The plus side is that international arrivals are too exhausted and battered from the flights and bracing themselves (if they haven’t done preclearance through Ireland) for passport and customs (which, years ago at least, had such a reputation for hostility that most people tried to steer clear of Logan if they could).

If a chunk of my layover weren’t during rush hour, I’d be more inclined to go further but I must still be traumatised by memories of the big dig and all. I know it’s over, but I have little faith.

(Meanwhile, I can confirm that if anyone has a layover in Brussels or Edinburgh, it’s a very straightforward trip into the city centre for food and drinks and other things.)

ETA: Given what Boston has to offer though, the airport is pretty bleak.


Thank you all for your suggestions. The layover went a bit fancier as we ended up at Ocean Prime for a leisurely late lunch that involved (for me) a whole cold steamed lobster (albeit without tomalley! Hmph) and shared starters of calamari (with sweet chili sauce and slaw) and ravioli. They also had a glorious butter cake with berries and ice cream.

Strangely, they had no lobster roll, but sticking with a steamed lobster and having a bite of each richer option to get the taste in whilst not the uncomfortable fullness that makes travel uncomfortable was a good plan.

It also covered me for the remainder of travel, which included a delay and a late arrival. No need to try to find something at Terminal A which was heaving.

Knowing about the other options will be great for other times should I do this again, although I much prefer my stays in Boston to last longer.