Food memoirs

I’m not a big fan of cookbooks (although I just enjoyed the Downton Abbey one), but I love food-related memoirs. Two I’ve enjoyed lately are:

A Fork in the Road: Tales of Food, Pleasure, and Discovery on the Road by James Oseland, et al.
Lots of fascinating stories and authors who I didn’t know about.

On the Noodle Road: From Beijing to Rome, With Love and Pasta by Jen Lin-Liu
Made a good companion to the Noodles episode from the show Confucius Was a Foodie.

Anyone else have some favorites they’d like to recommend? Thanks.

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“Butter”. I read a galley version and can’t recall the name of the author. It also has a lot of historical material on the sociological and economic importance of this sublime form of dairy. Similarly, “Salt”, which IIRC was a bestseller, is a fascinating read, though it isn’t a personal memoir.


Is it Butter: A Rich History by Elaine Khosrova?

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Mark Kurlansky also wrote about oysters and cod in addition to salt.

Yes, that’s the butter book. If memory serves, it has some recipes too but as I said, the version I read wasn’t the final one. Someone in my yarn group is a librarian. A few years ago, she brought back a heap of freebies from a book convention and gave away the ones that didn’t interest her. I also took one on cannibalism but mislaid it somewhere and haven’t yet read it.

Yuck - think I’d pass on the cannibalism one!

This year I really enjoyed Notes from a Young Black Chef by Kwame Onwuachi. And an old favorite is Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl, about her time as the New York Times restaurant critic.


We randomly stumbled across a book at the library that a couple in our family has already enjoyed. Super Sushi Ramen Express by Booth. A memoir of a 3 month eating trip in Japan with his family.


Here’s another I’m enjoying:

The Book of Eating: Adventures in Professional Gluttony by Adam Platt.

He has a nice self-deprecating style, and the stories of his global upbringing are fascinating. It’s a good mixture of food and travel memories.

Ugh I had that book out for like 1.5 months but I couldn’t get to it so it went back to the library, unread. Thanks for the reminder.

It’s possible that I have a shelf full of non-cookbook food reads! :grin:
-Setting the Table (Danny Meyer)
-Garlic and Sapphires, Delicious, and Save Me the Plums (all by Ruth Reichel, haven’t gotten to SMTP yet)
-Heat (Bill Buford)
-Service Included (Phoebe Damrosch)
-Eating My Words (Mimi Sheraton)
-Born Round (Frank Bruni)

And one that I haven’t read yet but I’ve had on loan for too long from a friend… Shark’s Fin and Szechuan Pepper by Fuschia Dunlop.