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I guess I’m a die hard. I still get Bon Appetit and Food and Wine. But lately, wow, I’m just not interested. Especially Bon Appetit is trying to be so trendy that I can’t follow the articles - and don’t care about the recipes. Anyone else feel the same way?

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Food Network magazine apparently is the most read food magazine these days. I haven’t read it myself, but could it be that the other magazines are trying to imitate and play catch up?

But the truth is that magazines are losing readership to food web sites.

If you enjoy food and wine magazines as much as my wife, you might want to check out the mobile app, Issuu. Its a free app with hundreds of free magazines, including international food magazines. Other categories too but she reads the food sections. Other than perusing at Barnes and Noble, she doesn’t buy many print magazines anymore.

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I know but I love going through a magazine, turning the pages. When I want the recipe I go on line and put it in Pepperplate!

We’ve subscribed to BBC Good Food since its first edition. It always used to be good for recipes but, of late, there’s less of an appeal (although I have no idea if it’s them or us that’s the problem).

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I have a shelf full of Cucina Italiana and another of Saveur, both dated 1990s thru mid 2000s. Which is (not so) coincidentally when I first got a home computer! I don’t think I’ve looked through any of them since the day they came in the mail, and I also don’t recall making any keeper recipes that I found in either one.

I get the bulk of my new recipes from the NY Times website now, much simpler than looking through all those mags without any browser. If anyone is a magazine buff and interested in having them, just PM me and we can make arrangements. Really, glad you reminded me! Can’t bear to throw them out but they are just taking up space.

I recently put two boxes of old Gourmet, Food & Wine, and Bon Appetite magazines in my alley for the taking. Little by little, the piles grew smaller, and the magazines were all gone by the next morning. It kind of made me happy. :slightly_smiling_face:


The NY Times is putting their recipes behind a paywall.

Existing subscribers will have full access, but non-subscribers will have to pay $5.00 a month.

We got an email about it. Have to download as many recipes as posssible before the deadline!

I already have a digital subscription, so this doesn’t affect me. However, I would be willing to pay $5/month for that access. The NY Times has an excellent food section and archives.

Oh well, at least I have enough printed out to last for awhile!

I do read BA every month but delete it straight away. American food mags are not for me, am afraid. The style and the food, I mean.

I read food mags from all over the world but keep only southern hemisphere ones, especially Australian. Have been giving away printed food mags ad cookery books for a few years now. When I go on holiday I take a stack and leave it behind. Give a bagful to my neighbour, to my acquaintances etc. Do the same with my beer glasses and books.

Oh no! Ouch! $5 a month is a bit steep if you want to get only 1 or 2 recipes a month.

I read a few French magazines:

Fou de Cuisine which is more on restaurant food recipes

Fou de Pâtisserie which is an excellent magazine if you like baking, both professional and home recipes.

Régal - a day to day inspiration

Sometimes, I read Beef, actually it’s a food magazine for men! More meat, and stronger tastes. And Yam, to read what’s going on with the restaurant chefs and their impossible to cook food.

I read BBC food for recipes ideas at time, I quite like it.

Buried in the editor’s post was this:

Without a subscription, you’ll still get access to the recipes featured in this newsletter, to the new recipes we publish each week and to a limited number of rotating collections.

So, you can check each week for new recipes and download them for your records.

On the other hand, I personally like to pay for content when I use the site very frequently. I subscribe to the Times, The New Yorker and The Atlantic because I check them nearly every day.


My wife did too until the recycling and magazines started to really pile up. When she need a fix, she heads to B&N. The issuu app has hundreds of food magazines with full recipes from the US and around the world. Printing from the app is fine, but she just keeps the page open on her iPad.

Maybe we save a few trees?

Thanks! I didn’t see that!