Food jokes

On a very long car trip today, my husband made up a joke. I told him that I’d post it on HO and ask people to contribute others. Keep in mind that I didn’t say it was a good joke…Here we go:

What do you call a pork butt that you’ve taken out of the freezer?

A cold shoulder.


We don’t write this stuff; from the sandwich menu:

A Reuben sandwich is grilled rye, corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.

A Rachel substitutes pastrami or turkey, and cole slaw.

A Mother in-law is cold shoulder and tongue.


Good one - I’ll pass it along to my husband!

I had a MIL like that. What a tough piece of business she was. I did everything I could during my marriage to avoid the woman while she was alive. I did not acquire any guilt about it, because her children didn’t like her either…

A good friend texted my husband Thanksgiving morning to say “What does an incoherent turkey say?” Garble Garble Garble… :grin: