Food House (Charing X Rd)

I know a few people were worried about missing this place due to it being shut down at the end of 2015. Food House fans will be happy to know they are moving permanently to Gerrard St. I think it is number 14. I still haven’t been there but keen to try it in the next couple of weeks if anyone has any ordering recs.

By coincidence ate at the new one today for lunch - 46 Gerrard St (where Harbour City used to be)

Seem to be same chefs - so good news.

I’d recommend their skewers, sautéed chicken with chilli pepper (chongqing chicken), spinach and peanut salad, hot and sour noodles with minced pork, red chilli oil lamb noodles, mapa dofu and their tea smoked eggs.

Made it there this weekend; the pigs ear and cucumber salad was good - cooling cucumber with a spicy finish and crunchy pigs ear. Lamb chili noodles had great flavour but I ended up getting really touch pieces of lamb but I think that was a luck of the draw type thing.

Chonquing chicken was ok but I like Sichuan Kitchen’s better - you get way more bang for your buck both in terms of meat and heat. Those crispy chicken skin bits were delicious though.

I think we will go for the skewers or those huge pots of stew next time.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr