Food hall to open in downtown Ossining NY! Be still my heart!

I am now a ten year resident of beautiful, quirky, diverse Ossining, NY, soon to become a second-time homeowner here in my adopted hometown. I love living here, I love my neighbors, I love my local shoemaker (Tony!), dry cleaner (Highland on 9!), library (voted best in Westchester!), farmers’ market, etc, etc. But Ossining’s downtown leaves a bit to be desired. A food hall like the one proposed, with many eateries under one roof, would hopefully bring foot traffic to the downtown and enliven our Main Street, which can’t seem to sustain a bustling restaurant scene like some of the other rivertowns. I am hopeful that this project will come to fruition and be a huge success and a boon to Ossining’s downtown!


That does sound exciting! However I (I’ve been called a pessimist) see a few difficulties.Being disabled,multiple floors are noticed early on. I can see ground floor shops thriving and difficulty for the other levels.Also (I’m in New Rochelle)is their enough in and out type parking in that area. Also walk thru traffic in that area. It does sound very promising. I was told (when in Mt. Kisco) that a place like exit four is being looked into in New Rochelle. If true an old historic bldg. (like the bank in Ossining) would help tremendously.Hope it comes about (maybe in both places)

Yes, parking will definitely be an issue. I am hoping there are some solutions in the works for that and if it brings some traffic and money to downtown Ossining this would be a better problem to have versus lots of empty storefronts. From the article it seemed like the lower basement floor would be a teaching kitchen and that the ground and second floor would be sort of open air and connected. I’m assuming they’d have to incorporate elevators into the design?

Yes, I believe it would be a legal issue. They have to provide handicap access - I think!